• Kris M. Fuller

Incredible Yes

Updated: Mar 26

"A moment when you said YES to someone or something.. and it changed your life." - Best Ever You

My Incredible Yes

2020 was going to be MY YEAR. I was stepping into my business, goals and future with intention and FIRE! I knew it was my time. My sweet husband Ben was on my side and we were ready for me to FLY.

But 2020 had other plans. 2020 unleashed COVID, distance and shifting plans to us all. In that same moment, I met Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino from Maine online. We became friends, and quickly grew close. In a short time, she asked me to collaborate on a journal with her. I said YES without hesitation. What a dream come true.

Little did I know it would lead to a BOOM in my development, business and growth. My partnership with Elizabeth and Best Ever You has changed my life.

Saying YES to her was much more than I even could have imagined..because the other thing that 2020 handed me was the new and terrible title of "widow". Ben was diagnosed with cancer in February and passed away 5 short months later. The strength, love and support from my newfound friend lifted, loved and carried me through so much of 2020. As I move forward, I look for new ways to find joy in my own beautiful future. My Incredible YES was even more amazing than I could have ever realized at the time and I am grateful for it every single day. -Kris M. Fuller, CMC