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Kris M. Fuller, Certified Master Coach
Chief Creative Officer of The Best Ever You Network

I'm Kris Fuller, the Chief Creative Officer of The Best Ever You Network and I think YOU are fabulous. I want you to love yourself, engage in a mindset that serves you, celebrate your strengths and lead you to your beautiful future. I am a business owner, leader, and unapologetically positive.


I provide incredible value in launching new business, hosting events and believing in yourself. I am deeply committed to helping you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.  In other news, I love cats, painting with acrylics and singing off key at the top of my lungs.

Thanks for visiting and remember Your Life Sparkles!


Love, Kris


Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You!

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Lorraine R, AB

I attended the workshop this weekend

and enjoyed the information, format, sharing and support. I left the event feeling uplifted and encouraged. I’d highly recommend going! The topics were engaging with fun and touching moments sprinkled into the mix.


L.J., Vernon BC, Canada

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! Your personalized vision statement session is so positive and inspiring. Kris is amazing, kind, and really listens to what you say. I can't believe the impact this 2-session coaching has had on my life. I actually thought coaching was only for women with businesses or huge financial goals but after trying it, I now believe it is truly for everyone." 


Matty G, AB

Your Life Sparkles is so up beat and positive!! Every post is encouraging and or makes me laugh! I attended the recent ladies retreat and was so impressed. Not only were the presenters professional and encouraging but they were also genuine, heartwarming and transparent!! Loved It!!! Well done ladies!!! Matty G, AB